Joelistics Presents Film School

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Film School is a departure for Joelistics as an artist. This is a production record, an album of beats and synths, 70’s Asian pop samples, psych-rock journey music and studio improvisations. This is some Arty business.

The album is an ode to surreal dream scapes and cinematic atmospheres. Dark in tone with instrumentation drenched in effects and soundscapes. Moody and angular Film School is a concept album of soundtracks and atmospherics, based on the feeling of a memory of a re-occurring dream.

The roots of the album go back as far as 2016 when Joelistics took a trip to his birthland of Malaysia. Whilst in Kuala Lumpur he stocked up on Canto pop records from the 70’s and 80’s. Over the proceeding years he collaborated with artists such as Parvyn Singh, Hailey Cramer and others often writing for their projects but then delving into some of the hypnotic grooves he had put aside for Film School.

Recalling his love of instrumental hiphop from the Ninja Tunes glory days and his penchant for post rock stylings reminiscent of groups like God Speed You Black Emperor, Film School is also a record of collaborations.  Pre-dominantly instrumental, the few vocalists that feature on the album are all women of Asian descent.  Parvyn Singh of Bombay Royale features on the psych rock groove of Samsara and dreamy 5 rivers. HAYTCH (Hailey Cramer) of The Meltdown features on the future soul of Fool. Film School also draws from one of Joelistics’ side projects – Garden Tiger Symphony, an instrumental group with Francesca Mountfort (cello) and Mindy Wang (guzheng)